App for Tourism

Stay ahead of the competition

The proprietary technology behind a Digital Footsteps’  app for tourism ensures that your customers have a rewarding, more memorable  travel experience. The app will help your brand remain strong in the digital mobile age and allow your business to increase profits. Digital Footstep’s Roamfree™ real-time voice navigation provides a multimedia tour experience free of any roaming charges or the need for an Internet connection.

Apps for Travel

Stand above the others

Brand the cutting-edge in mobile technology using mobile apps for travel with your logo and business name. Stay “in front” of your customers by giving them a useful tool and memories that will last a lifetime.

Advertising Tourism

Increase your revenues

Whether the app is offered as a promotional gift or for a nominal fee, Digital Footsteps’ location-based, non-Internet dependent advertising feature represents a new, lucrative revenue stream for your business. Your local business partners can now turn to you for mobile advertising tourism solutions, using your app to reach new customers.

  • 1 The app will be branded with your name and logo.
  • 2 Every tour can be customized with locations that target a different audience (e.g. architecture, archeology, religious, art), broadening the appeal and impact.
  • 3 Highlight your locations and those of your partners and participating local merchants.
  • 4 Generate additional profits with innovative location-based mobile advertising.