Get the word out

Incorporate new technology into your marketing campaign. A Digital Footsteps app is a unique platform for increasing the public’s awareness of your cause.

Strengthen relationships

A private-label app, branded with your name and logo, will give current and potential donors a useful tool and lasting memories.

Increase revenue

Whether the app is offered as a promotional gift or for a nominal fee, Digital Footsteps’ location-based, non-Internet dependent advertising feature represents a new, lucrative revenue stream.

Nonprofit Features

  • 1 The app will be branded with your name and logo.
  • 2 Optionally, each app can be personalized with the donor’s name.
  • 3 The tour can be customized with locations that are significant to your organization.
  • 4 The app will include informative text, audio and video about the organization, using organization members’ voices.
  • 5The app can guide your donor directly to predefined sites.